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Increase Business Profits By Launching An Info Product

3 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch relies on understanding your market, strategic planning, and amazing customer support. These three keys to success work well every single time. A product launch that works well for your audience requires that you take the time needed to do the right research so that you’re prepared.

A successful product launch doesn’t happen by accident. There are common things that business owners don’t do that they should do. This is especially true when launching a brand-new product. They think that they can skip steps in the process, or do things differently and that makes them new and fresh.

However, a business owner who doesn’t follow a process will only experience success by accident. It won’t be repeatable. When you create a process and a system that you follow for launching a product you can perfect and repeat it as necessary for future products for your audience.

Many product developers do three things wrong.

Not Understanding Your Market before Creating the Product

So many people think they have this great idea and they have no idea who their audience is. Creating PLR Articles and then trying to find and attract the audience is a hard road to follow because the audience might not even exist. The audience could be too small too.

This is a difficult path to follow and often doesn’t work out. When you build your PLR reports first, you have no idea what type of features it needs nor do you understand how it benefits anyone enough to market it to them correctly. When you know more, you can do a lot better.

  • Who is Your Audience? – Before you think of anything that you can do, think of who your audience is first. Try to create a persona of one member of your audience. Describe them, name them, and get to know them.
  • What Issues Does Your Audience Have? – Is the audience you’re choosing able to purchase your offering? Do they have money to spend? If they have money to spend, are they willing to spend it or do they want freebies? An audience that isn’t willing to spend isn’t a very good audience.
  • What are Their Problems & Concerns? – Once you identify your audience then you can start focusing on their problems and concerns. Brainstorm all the problems your audience might have, and then use your skills to solve one of the problems so that you can offer them a solution.
  • Is Your Audience Big Enough? – Once you narrow down the audience and know the problems that you might want to solve you need to determine if there enough of them that want what you are offering to make it worth it. Can you earn enough money if only a few percent of the audience want the solution?

Remember, once you have the audience you need to focus on problems and solutions. The audience doesn’t care that much about you other than to know that you’re honest and truthful and that you have the solution to their problem. Whether you’re using PLR or creating your own product from scratch, you must make sure it helps your audience and solves their problems.

Key #1Know Your Audience

It’s imperative that you know your audience before you consider creating a product. Studying your audience helps you to understand their problems and the potential solutions that you can create for them. Without this first step, you can’t move on to create an amazing product that gets results for your audience.  If you’re struggling to create the solution for your audience, you can do what many top marketers do, and use premium PLR articles, transform them into video courses and sell them for top dollars.

Once you know your audience, you can create solutions for all their problems one at a time and create a deep PLR ebooks product funnel that creates long term customers increasing your earnings substantially.  

Failing to Plan or Follow the Plan

You’ve heard the quote before: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Nothing could be truer at this point. You need to plan for every stage from pre-launch to post-launch. This is the way to be certain you’ll create a successful product and launch a successful product. You have so much technology that you can choose from now to help you create your plan.

You can use mind mapping software, MS Office,, and more to create a plan for you to follow. Using software is a great way to keep things in order and create a comprehensive to-do list with assignments.

  • Create a Comprehensive Plan — Plan for every stage from pre-launch through post-launch to develop a complete plan that you can follow. Once you create the plan, it should be kind of like painting by numbers. Follow the plan, and get the results.
  • Assign & Track — Know who is responsible for what and track progress so that you can stay on top of everything. You need to know from content developers to tech guru, to customer support staff, what everyone is doing and whether it’s having an impact and what that impact is.
  • Create & Follow Your Process — Have a clear process that team members can follow that will create the successful launch you need to have. When you develop systems that you and everyone can follow, you make everything easier for you all.
  • Put it All in The Right Order — What order do things need to be completed? Who is the best person for that job? Ensure that you assign the right people for each task and set up systems so that you can check. A good project management system like
  • Ensure Your Timeline is Accurate – When you set up your timeline, you’ll need to ensure that you leave plenty of time to execute the plan. Leave some time in case unforeseen issues arise so that nothing gets in the way of your overall launch date.
  • Deliver on Promises – One of the most important reasons to plan is that you’ll be able to deliver on the promises that you’ve made to your audience and your customers. Without good solid plans, you may have trouble accomplishing that.

Always make plans by using a calendar system of some sort to input your task lists or some sort of software to help. A good project management system like Basecamp can also help. That way you can put all your tasks in there, assign them to the right person (including yourself), and check them off when complete so that you can analyze how everything is progressing.

Key #2Plan & Schedule Everything

Trying to fly by the seat of your pants with no idea of what you’re doing or where you’re going is not going to work. So, instead, schedule and plan everything. From audience research, product creation, launch and after it takes scheduling and planning. When you schedule everything in a chronological order, assigning the right tasks to the right people, you’ll find that things get done and success is within your reach.

Planning everything that you need to do on a schedule will help you work incrementally and reduce stress. After all, when you look at the big picture without a plan it can feel overwhelming. If you take that big picture, turn it into a series of daily tasks with deadlines and benchmarks, it makes everything that much simpler and practically ensures success. Remember to try out different software to help you keep everything in order.

Not Being Prepared for Support

It happens all the time. A business gets some extra press or starts getting a lot of traffic and the website crashes. Another thing that can happen is that everything goes okay until it comes to being able to get the right customer service.This can cause buyers to be disgruntled, make returns, give bad reviews, or worse. The best thing you can do for any launch is to be prepared to offer topnotch support.

  • Have a Meeting — Gather your support team together to discuss the product launch and expectations going forward. Ensure that everyone has training on your support software and is ready to give customers everything they need. Empower them to do what needs to be done to make the customer happy.
  • Provide Product Training — Train them on the digital products PLR so they can offer knowledgeable answers to the customers. Project training is often limited for customer service people but you should change that by offering awesome product training. It will help your customers in amazing ways.
  • Create a FAQ Ahead of Launch – It will help customers and your customer service team if you create a FAQ that is as complete as possible. Answer every question you can imagine receiving from your audience in the FAQ. Ask affiliates, customer service professionals and others who have seen the product to contribute.
  • Make it Easy for People to Contact You — Provide more than one way for customers to contact your support team so that they can get help in the manner they want help. Don’t hide your contact information from anyone. In addition, provide a way for customers to offer feedback not related to issues/refund requests.

Not being prepared to offer support to a growing client base can be an impediment to your success when launching a product. Customers and prospects need to be able to get to your website, use it without a problem, and get the help and answers they need. This is a priority for you. If you know your customers like free content, get some free PLR, and give it to your customers so they can taste the quality of your products before buying. This is also a very good strategy for showing customers you believe if your products.

Key #3: Provide Top Notch Customer Support

To create the wow in your customer service you must put your customers first. Become a consumer-centric business by offering awesome training to your customer service agents, to your customers on your PLR videos and products, and to the general audience, you market to by being an amazing resource to them.

Use the right technology to provide the best service to your customers. Consider help desk software, live chat, email support, telephone support, PLR courses and more. It all works together to make the most of everything you have. Some great software to try for customer service is,, and

What This Means

What it all boils down to is not surprising when you think about it. But, most entrepreneurs are a stubborn bunch.They want to do their own thing. They like reinventing the wheel. However, the truth is, you don’t need to do that. You need to perform work based on professional study and not just feelings.

  • The Metrics Matter — Statistics and numbers matter in business. Your subjective experiences aren’t indicative of reality. Study the numbers to get a better picture of what is happening because of realizing that the numbers matter.
  • Follow Successful Business Owners — Smart business owners find out what the people experiencing success are doing, and then emulate that. If someone in your field has experienced the success that you desire you want to follow them. So if your competitors are using PLR content to create info-products, then you should learn to use PLR too but add your own insights and branding. Just do what your competitors are doing, but better!
  • Your Audience Calls the Shots – Whatever audience you choose to work with is who matters most. Study them. Get to know them. Know their hopes, dreams, and fears. Know what they like to do on a Friday night. Know what gets them upset, what makes them happy, and what keeps them up at night.
  • Create Products That Solve Problems –Once you know that information about your audience you can create products that genuinely solve problems for them. That way, you’ll be able to answer the question effectively for them: “What’s in it for me?”
  • Provide Excellent Customer Care – Today, customers expect to be the center of your universe when you’re helping them. It’s not too much to ask. You want to provide the best customer service you can to keep customers long-term.

Following these three keys to successful product launch and you will experience success in many ways including making a whole lot more money. Take the time to do things correctly and you’ll reap the rewards. Use the right software, the right team, the right PLR content, and the right frame of mind to be successful with your product launch.