#21: My TV meets GDPR

Wow, I'd not expected my own Internet of Things crud to end up with GDPR, but here we are: my year-old Android TV suddenly got an update last night (four days after the deadline) to add a single feature: a GDPR flow.

The GDPR flow, if anything, made me realize how much my TV already was monitoring in the background. Behold, my nine-step-GDPR-approval program:

Worst of all, I learned about a program called "Samba" that was already on my TV monitoring my behavior and habits.... to show me ads.... without permission. Yup.

The good news is I opted out of almost all of this. The bad news? Uh, the privacy center in the EULA they updated on my TV to adjust the settings later doesn't exist. So, I emailed them on [email protected] to get a data export! I'm so curious what they know about me...

...oh, it looks like their process isn't implemented. This is a hand-crafted email, and sounds sorta clueless. Let's wait and see; I'll update here if and when I hear back, and I've gone ahead and reminded TP-Vision/Philips that they have 30 days or so to comply.


This project was a crazy idea by @ow after getting so many crappy GDPR emails and shutdown notices. I write a handy daily briefing to keep up with, and understand these kinds of things.

Submit a GDPR horror story of your own on Twitter, or emailing [email protected]

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