#22: To continue to use Tumblr, please check these 322 boxes

Hey, you know Tumblr, that service that used to be independent, then got acquired by Yahoo which then got acquired by Oath (🤘?), right? I think someone over there basically kicked off a conversation like this, last Monday:


Well yeah, anyway, they got a fancy GDPR consent flow just like that one we saw on Techcrunch last week... except worse. (Note: Techcrunch, Engadget and friends have similar screens because they're all owned by the same company, Oath 🤘)

The difference: Tumblr does not include the blanket opt-out. You have to uncheck each box, one by one. Also there are 322 of them. Also you will have to do it on your iPhone.

The number of people who wrote to me and told me that this thing got them stuck, too long, had Javascript errors, or just plain didn't work was ludicrous, many of whom just slammed accept to get around it (or did so by accident). I assume it was just a bungled rollout, but ouch.

I am sorry about what I'm about to do, but here it is in its full glory thanks to @mia_out (yes, usually it's just a scrollable box):

Just like the Techcrunch one, this is actually the first of two of these screens, but unlike that one, you'll spend your day unchecking them on desktop, then on mobile. Have fun, love Tumblr.

I think you win, Tumblr.



This project was a crazy idea by @ow after getting so many crappy GDPR emails and shutdown notices. I write a handy daily briefing to keep up with, and understand these kinds of things.

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