#7: Sorry, your light-bulbs and GDPR don't work

From The Internet of Shit, Yeelight is supposedly blocking the majority of its features as it's "unable" to comply with GDPR but fails to explain why. The app apparently asks for consent to process data, then updates to warn the user that they are no longer able to use it.

On the bright side, you can control individual lights still, but groups no longer work either. In other words, a normal lightbulb would work better than these, with this update.

The bitter irony, of course, is a search for "Yeelight privacy" returns lots of worried forum posts from 2017, and this:

"It is extremely unlikely that yeelight would get your data from a light bulb, they only use wifi to turn on and of and nothing else. They are extremely safe to use over wifi but if you are worried about it I recommend you get the Bluetooth version named yeelight blue"


Thanks, @warmerdam_jesse, @wiyarmir and @rileyrichter.


This project was a crazy idea by @ow after getting so many crappy GDPR emails and shutdown notices. I write a handy daily briefing to keep up with, and understand these kinds of things.

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